When is the best time to Sell your Business?

Usually the best time to obtain the highest price occurs when the sales and earnings are good and trending upward. A solid earnings trend will enable a buyer to pay a higher price and still meet his return on investment criteria. A history of good performance also gives the buyer confidence in projected future earnings. The seller's bargaining position is also strengthened by a profitable record because the buyer realizes that the owner has the option of keeping his company.

When the decision to sell is made, preparing the business for sale should begin by obtaining current financial statements, performing needed repairs, and obtaining current market valuations before any efforts to market the business begin.

Who would buy it?

For most companies, there are several categories of prospective buyers. The most obvious are other companies in the same business for whom the acquisition would be a logical expansion with potential economies of scale.

Based on our experience in selling many businesses, approximately 80% of the prospective buyers are individuals who want to control their own future. Many of them will be moving into the area from other states and countries. They will consider retail, service, wholesale, or manufacturing businesses.

How long does it take to sell your Business?

Normally, most businesses take an average of nine months to sell. Some of the factors that have an influence in the time period that a business is sold are:
  • The initial sales price.
  • The down payment.
  • The current condition of the business.
  • The Fact that it is being promoted outside of its place of origin.
  • The Fact that it is being promoted on the Internet.
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