Our Comprehensive 5 day (5 FULL DAYS!) Training Program is designed to make you a successful business broker right from the first day you open.

Here are some of the subjets we cover:
  • Appraising the fair market value of a business.
  • Establishing the price.
  • Procuring buyers and sellers.
  • The techniques of successfully selling a business.
  • Preparation of purchase contracts.
  • Escrow procedures.
  • Advertising businesses for sale.
  • Evaluating financial statements.
  • How to set up and operate your own office.
  • The psychology of successful business brokerage.
  • Hiring and Training a salesperson.
  • Office policies and procedures.
  • Applicable accounting principals.
  • Legal techniques and relevant terminology.
  • Understanding and using the appropriate forms.
    Advertising - general, marketing, newspaper, magazines.
  • and much more!
Our training facility is located in our Corporate Headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y. We do have an optional training program that we will conduct in your home city for an additional fee to help defray our travel costs. EMPIRE Business Brokers will train new agents from your office as your office continues to prosper and grow.
This training is provided free of charge at our Buffalo Headquarters. You will continue to sharpen your skills by consulting with our highly trained staff. Our annual National Convention provides additional training through seminars & lectures.

In order to get to know the secuence of events to be awarded an EMPIRE Franchise:

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