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If you wish to participate in innovative investment projects, we have many, very profitable options.

There are many entrepreneurs that have excellent investment projects, that don't have enough resources to make them take-off. What normally happens is that even though they have detected an excellent business opportunity, they can't materialize it because they don't have the resources available to them (financial or human) in order to carry out the project.

EMPIRE makes available to investors who have risk capital, profitable and original projects that have been analyzed by us, in order to grow businesses that already have resources invested by the entrepreneurs who are promoting them. Our company "packages" the business opportunity of our offering clients in document known as a "Business Offer".
This document, also known as "Investment Prospectus", contains all the information of a business plan, including the financial projections that justify the investments to be made in the project.
Our company doesn't promote projects that are only paper, so when you analyze this type of investment alternative you will be dealing with entrepreneurs who have already made considerable investments in the structure and operation of their businesses. The only thing they need is a partner that will supply the financial or human resources so that the business takes-off.

Some of the reasons EMPIRE clients seek risk capital are:

  • Business Start-ups.
  • Expansion of a business.
  • Purchase of a business.
  • Acquisition of a Franchise.
  • Relocation of a business.
  • Lack of capital.
  • Under this scheme you can consider financing, pure investments or investors / operators.

We have various options of very profitable investment projects. If you wish to find out more about the options we have under this business category, search within our listings.

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